[Updated on Jan 15th, 2021]
We have received feedback from customers informing us that they are not able to purchase USPS shipping labels from outside USA. Therefore, we will resume purchasing USPS shipping labels, but our new forwarding fee is $15 for the first parcel, and $10 for each additional parcel. The new forwarding fee will reflect the time and efforts that go into purchasing the shipping label. Please note our forwarding fee does not include the USPS postage or the default $3/parcel parcel receiving fee. You are still more than welcome to purchase your own shipping labels, and we can print it for you ($5/parcel handling fee). Below is the main reason for the change in fee:

Purchasing a shipping label is a very time consuming process: 1. confirm mailing address and content with customer, 2. consolidate parcels if needed, 3. measure parcel dimensions/weight, 4. calculate the postage rate, 5. confirm rate with customer, 6. fill out customs form, 7. purchase shipping label, 8. finalize payment with customer, 9. final packaging, 10. hand off to the carrier (or physically drop off at the post office). Our previous fee of $5/parcel is simply not sustainable, especially given our current staffing shortage.

[Updated on Feb 10th, 2021]
If you have need your parcel(s) expedited, we can now purchase UPS labels. Usually UPS takes one week to arrive (Blaine to Greater Vancouver or Niagara Falls to Greater Toronto). This is much faster than four weeks by USPS Priority Mail. Please note that UPS charges a customs brokerage fee upon delivery.

To request the shipping label purchase, please reply to the parcel arrival email notification with the purchase receipt, and we will inform you the postage rate. Please note it currently takes four weeks to deliver via USPS.